Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kates Playground Vido

Kettler Weight Bench Home Gym Delta XL in excellent condition

Kettler Weight Bench Delta Gym XL in top condition:
The professional gym for the serious weightlifter.

on the flat bench press or incline bench, leg curl, butterfly
forward and backward, down and much more - all without costly conversion work, with precisely adjustable exercise positions to suit individual needs.

The vertically and horizontally adjustable butterfly station with off ensures an optimal path of movement with even resistance through the entire range of motion.

Note: barbell and weight plates are included mentioned.

exercise stations
• Butterfly (forward and backward)
• bench press (flat and incline bench)
• lat tower
• Leg extension •
leg and squat

• max. Rating:. Hantelabl. 150kg, lat tower / Butterfly 80kg, leg curl 60kg
• max. Body weight: 150 kg
• Dimensions L / W / H in cm: 230 / 100 / 200
• Dimensions superscript L / W / H in cm: 100 / ; 100/200
• Distance dumbbell racks (external in cm): 100
• Colour: silver / black

equipment Kettler Delta XL including biceps curl:

- Extra thick black padding
- Horizontal and the tilt-adjustable, high quality gepolsterteTrainingsbank
- Adjustable uprights
- Adjustable butterfly station with off
- lat tower
- Variable leg curl / leg extension
- Including Bizpes Curl Attachment. The preacher curl is in the simple and quick change exchanged with the leg curl. The conversion is done in 10 seconds. If necessary, you can curl bench or use the leg curl for your particular exercises.
- bearing surface biceps curl: 46 x 34 cm
- including barbell Barbell and 50 kg

The tower is really in excellent condition and is super stable.

Due to the size and weight of only pickup available!
Price: 500 EUR

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Hello neighbors,

trigger level is a comfortable armchair in the color of terracotta.

The seat height is 40cm, 110cm width and 90cm height.
Since we are drawn into a smaller apartment, he takes us have gone up too much space, otherwise we would keep the chair.

The chair is not new and has corresponding signs of wear, although it was because of our cats always covered with a blanket. So for

interested in cat dander not suitable.

Of course I also like to help carry it.
Price: To give