Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ovulation And Mensuration

Congratulations, Prof. Zhang

Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear friends and friends of the Chinese arts,

like every year I would like you to the birthday of our revered master, together with My congratulations to enclose a thought, typical for him is.

Prof. Zhang Guangde is celebrating his 79th Birthday - we are looking forward to March 2010, when we his 80th may commit. Presumably we will be traveling with a group of students to Beijing to train with him and eat. Guess which part I am more ... J

During the first weekend that I visited with Professor Zhang, occurred a memorable scene that is me today at practice again come to mind:

One participant, most obviously recognizable ductal efficient working normally asks the professor how long it (the participants) this shape must practice to master. Then Zhang ". 99 days", the participants: "This is good - in the next three months I have some time."

The sentence was in the seminar, but I saw a friendly smile on the face of the professor scurry, as if his answer was translated.

In the Chinese number system, the 3 a kind of perfect number, because it symbolizes the triad of heaven, earth and humans (tian ren di-), which is the universal force of creation in the people, stretched between two poles of heaven (yang) and Earth (Yin). By multiplying the 3 with itself, you get the most perfect of all numbers, the 9, the highest number of decimal system. This logic, we find, for example in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, where the rings are made of marble slabs around the altar around are always a power of the 9th Accordingly, the 99 an almost unthinkable perfect figure as such it symbolizes infinity. said

When Professor Zhang that you have mastered the form after 99 days, he spoke not of a good quarter, but from eternity. And by the dedication of practice dedicated to recognizing the imperfections still practicing. For this model out there for us, "student of the way" nothing more important than the daily practice. And in this practice every day is a new day, I start again humbly, knowing that perfection is unattainable, but desirable. For everything that matters is doing in this Moment.

In this sense I wish you this, "the eve of the 80th Birthday, "that you may take each day, the freedom to devote yourselves perfecting imperfection.

Happy practicing and

Zhu Ni Cheng Gong!

Uli Rose

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How To Take Apart Casters

Daoyin Center Newsletter: from New courses and events in the second quarter of 30th March 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear friends and friends of the Chinese arts,

this newsletter I would like to inform you about new events.

FiguBalance information evening on Monday 30 March 2009

the start of the new FiguBalance series we will hold on coming Monday 30 March 20 clock an information evening. Information on our effective and Freud emphasized weight-loss program on the website and directly from Tracy Davis.

weekend back special on Sat / Sun, 4th and 5 April 2009

On this weekend you will learn from 9am to 16 clock, how can you make with the help of the western spine of the back school therapy and your life "back-friendly". The ergonomics, strengthening and stabilization of the muscles and relaxation are also important components.

Furthermore, we are dealing with their backs from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine and to the importance of the psyche. The focus is as a link to a holistic approach to internal and external attitude and a new alignment of the spine. Information on this new, highly effective approach to back therapy on the homepage and directly with Tracy Davis.

Meditation & cinema on Sunday 5 April 2009

To kick off the school holidays we offer on Sunday evening, 5. April 18 to 22 clock in the center of Daoyin Neuhäuser Straße 34 an introduction to sitting meditation at the Daoyin. The event is independent of the previous events and can be visited by anyone.

We start the evening with some qigong exercises to arrive. Subsequently, Uli Rose an introduction to sitting meditation of Daoyin. We practice exercises of silence, attention focusing and the empty, mostly sitting. The topic of conversation pulses between the seat units, the central demand of meditation for 'presence in the moment " be. Previous experience or special skills are required.

look After the meditation we projectors on large screen the film " Star Trek: Insurrection ," a movie from the famous Star Trek series with Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, realized on the way the visually stunning aspect of the presence in the moment.

snacks and drinks please bring your own. Fee for the entire Evening: 12 €. Registration is not necessary - is there is there ...

Starting at Tracy Davis: 14 April 2009

on the Tuesday after Easter begin Tracy's new courses in the second quarter of 2009 from April to the summer vacation: I await you in our comfortable rooms in the Neuhauser Strasse Qigong, Pilates, back seminars, yoga and FiguBalance.

found on our website in her left hand menu under "Course Schedule" the appropriate information. Please direct your Applications and questions via e-mail or phone Tracy Davis.

Starting at Uli Rosen: 23-24. April 2009

On Thursday / Friday begin after the school Easter holidays Ulis new courses in the second quarter of 2009 from April to the summer vacation: I await you in our center in the Driburger Straße 42 Qigong (health form, Baojian Gong) and Tai Chi Chuan / Tai Chi (the second section of the 24 Beijing-form).

found on our website in her left hand menu under "Course Schedule" the appropriate information. Please direct your applications or questions directly by e-mail or phone Uli roses.

For further information, I am happy when we start talking.


Uli Rose