Saturday, March 5, 2011

Go Cart With Motorcycle Motor

fire sun roof awning or trailer and linkage.

Brand Canopy for awning or trailer and linkage.
offer is a sun umbrella brand for the awning or caravan with plenty of construction boom.
The sun roof is attached to the poles of the awning. Is rolled back if necessary, and under the overhang of the awning attached.
Or to use it as a sun roof for the camper for short holiday. easy to pitch.

sun roof is little used and in very good condition.
The canopy is light gray
dimensions 4.80 mx 2.35 m

Since this is a private sale, we give no warranties, and restitution is not possible. Shipping no problem because of the length about 31 €.
Or pick in 47906 Kempen desired. Please note our other possible sales.
Price: 190 EUR VB
02 152 / 7194


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