Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something Beautiful To Write In A Wedding Card

coffee table of "FURNITURE HÜBNER" NEW! Retail Price € 1446

coffee table by 'FURNITURE HÜBNER "NEW! Retail Price € 1446:
coffee table NEW! top of processed coffee table .... with plattenausschwenkfunktion

table is new and unused!

retail price at FURNITURE HÜBNER € 1446, bought it for a small glasabplatzer on the bottom of the center plate for 799!
fit unfortunately he does not really rest on our device ! ; O)

automatic swing when the plates rotate ....
... 12 mm thick safety glass clear glass (in the pictures fogged by the transport)!

price 200 € vb

please do not mail and telephone calls I'll give you 50 euro ...... etc! It is not about a 100 € domain table!

If interested, please mail or call at 01577-3383416
Price: 200 EUR VB


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