Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Shuko Jisshu - "bows, arrows and quiver of Old Japan"

A very interesting, work for all those interested in fine sources for Japanese archery, the "book": Bows, Arrows and Quivers of Ancient Japan

Bows, Arrows and Quivers of Ancient Japan
Author: WM Hawley, with a foreword by Burton Sherman.
U.S. $ 29.95 plus shipping
"The information contained in this booklet information comes from the two volumes called" Yumi and Ya "from the old Japanese" Shuko Jisshu "which is about 1700 as an encyclopedia of Japanese Arts published. These two volumes deal with the arts that are expected, was that a samurai familiar with them was. It has very detailed illustrations of bows, arrows, quivers and arrows certain famous warrior, and some other of interrelated items.
The Shuko-Jyusshu (or Shuko-Jisshu, 集 古 十种) "is the" picture book "which was published in the middle of the Edo period."

Some impressions:

is available, the "book" in " Valley Martial Arts "in the U.S..
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